Welcome to The Chicago Center for Sex & Wellbeing

The Chicago Center for Sex & Wellbeing is a woman and genderqueer co-owned therapy practice that strives to help our clients be who they want to be.   We treat numerous conditions that may be preventing you from being your best self.  These conditions can include depression, anxiety, sexuality, compulsive sexual behaviors, repeated affairs outside your primary relationship (in person or online), internet or addictions to substances. Our experienced and compassionate therapists are sensitive to cultural, religious and ethnic diversities and will work with you to achieve a lasting respite, marked by clarity, support and healing.

Choosing to begin your mental wellness journey can seem daunting and finding the right therapist can feel overwhelming.  At the Chicago Center for Sex & Wellbeing, we want to help find you the right fit for your therapuetic journey.  Each of our therapists have distinctive therapeutic styles that allow us to tailor your therapy.

While we are all distinct, we would categorize ourselves as professional, personable and approachable.  Whether this is your first time in therapy, or you have had previous experiences, the work with your therapist can sometimes make you feel vulnerable or emotional.  Our goal is that the person sitting across from you can openly empathize with you and assist you in navigating the therapeutic journey.  You, the client, are in charge of your life and your change. Your therapist is here to help you look at your choices, provide new skills, and be a support.  All CCSW clinicians believe that therapy starts where the client is.  This means that you, the client, determine what you want to focus on and how fast or slow you want to proceed, and together we determine the course of treatment.

So here’s the bottom line, you want a therapist who is good at what they do.  A professional with whom you will feel respected, comfortable and safe.  Hopefully this website will provide you the information that you are looking for as you search for a therapist, and that you feel more comfortable moving forward with the decision to contact us and schedule an appointment.

Chicago Center for Sexual Wellbeing

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