Men's Recovery Groups

The path from a life dictated by the shame of sexual addiction to one free from its grasp is a long one. Like any journey, we all need guides along the way, ready to encourage our progress, prop us up when we are weary, and shed light on the road ahead. Our Men’s Recovery groups provides you with a safe place to plan your recovery journey.

Facing The Shadows Group
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New to recovery?  This is the group for you. Goals for each member include breaking free from denial, making sense of one’s sexual history, learning how to begin recovery and preventing relapse.  You will have access to the resources and unique support inherent in such a setting, where others share your experiences.

Recovery Zone Group

This is the second phase of group work for recovery. Goals for each member include understanding of addiction interactions, cycles of abuse, reducing shame, how to grieve your losses, bringing closure to your shame, how to have a positive relationship with yourself, how to dismantle old core beliefs and behaviors and understanding your family of origin.

Each group facilitator is a licensed clinician and certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT). Members must also be in individual treatment at CCSW or with their own CSAT therapist.  Held in the CCSW office, groups of no more than eight men meet once a week for eight weeks.

Partner's Group

Whether you are a wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend or life partner, no doubt you have many concerns regarding your partner’s sexual acting out behavior: What is sex addiction? Is my partner an addict? Do I need to know everything that has happened -- do I want to? Does their acting out mean they don’t love me? Isn't this something they can just get over? How will I ever trust them again? How do I know they’re not just a cheater? What do I tell the kids?

The partner’s group offers you a place to ask questions and learn about sex addiction and compulsive sexual behaviors. You will learn how to set emotional and physical boundaries, and about the stages of recovery for addicts as well as their partners.

This group offers you a space where you can share your experiences and find support during this time of discovery. Held via Zoom, it meets once a week for 12 weeks with a maximum of eight members. Each group facilitator is a licensed clinician and certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT).

Betrayed Partner's Group

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If you are in crisis and seeking answers or support, don’t hesitate to contact CCSW to schedule an intake appointment.