If you struggle with sexual addiction, life feels chaotic, marked by secrets and shame. You are compelled to act out sexually, unable to manage the out-of-control behavior that offers you a brief break from reality.  At The Chicago Center for Sex & Wellbeing, we can offer you a much more lasting respite, marked by clarity, support and healing.

We treat numerous conditions that may be preventing you from healthy, successful interpersonal and sexual relationships. These conditions can include compulsive viewing of pornography, compulsive masturbation, repeated affairs outside your primary relationship (in person or online) and internet addictions.

Once you decide to seek assistance, your care is our priority. As licensed clinical sexual addiction behavioral specialists, we are approachable and professional, and we provide you with a safe, comfortable, confidential environment to begin healing and reclaiming your life.

We will work as a team. You will learn how to regain control, let go of your shadow side, function at your best and, above all, feel better. It is our privilege and honor to work beside you on your path to recovery. This is not the first time you have searched for answers. Let it be the last.

The Chicago Center for Sex & Wellbeing is mindful of our client’s diversities of gender, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion and treat everyone with the utmost compassion and respect.